The ImPACT test provides an objective measurement of memory, reaction time, attention span, and other factors to help a clinician diagnose a concussion and decide when the patient has recovered.

  • ImPACT is a 20-minute test battery that can be administered in the pre-season for a baseline and post-injury to track a concussion. ImPACT promotes an athlete’s full recovery from injury and assists medical professional in making a safe return-to-play decision and reducing the chance of follow-up concussions.

  • ImPACT evaluates and documents multiple aspects of brain function: Impulse Control; Sustained Attention; Visual-motor Processing Speed; Visual and Verbal Memory; Working Memory; Selective Attention; Reaction Time; and Response Variability

  • The ImPACT baseline test is ideally administered under the supervision of a clinician, athletic trainer, coach, or even a parent. The test involves puzzles and tasks to measure a variety of factors. An initial test or “baseline test” is taken before a concussion occurs and establishes baseline results. Learn More.

  • The ImPACT post injury test is administered when a concussion is suspected. After an injury, a follow-up or “post-injury” test is administered to see if the results have changed from the baseline to help diagnose and manage the concussion. Additional follow-up tests may be administered over several days or weeks to assist the clinician with the return to play decision. Learn More.

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