Post Injury Testing

ImPACT (Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is a sophisticated, research based computer test developed to help clinicians evaluate an athlete’s recovery following concussion. ImPACT is a 20 minute neurocognitive test battery that has been scientifically validated to measure the effects of sports related concussion. In the preseason, each athlete is given a baseline test. When a concussion is suspected, during the season, a follow up test is administered to see if the results have changed from the baseline. This comparison helps to diagnose and manage the concussion. Follow up tests can be administered over days or weeks so clinicians can continue to track the athlete’s recovery from the injury.

If the athlete is believed to have suffered a concussion during competition, the exam is taken again and the data is compared to the baseline test. This information is then used as a tool to assist the nursing staff and treating physicians in determining the extent of the injury, monitoring recovery, and in making safe return to play decisions.

One of the reasons concussions are so dangerous is a condition called Second Impact Syndrome. If an athlete sustains a second concussion before completely recovering from the first, the results can be deadly. We understand the competitive nature of sports, but we always hold the athlete’s health and safety as our top priority.

About ImPACT

Founded by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Sports Concussion Program, this software system is utilized throughout professional sports and has been mandated in the NHL. Used by 18 NFL teams, US Soccer and countless colleges and high schools across the country, it is fast becoming the “Gold Standard” in recognizing and managing head injuries. Additional information can be found at

The exam takes about 25-30 minutes and is non-invasive. The program is basically set-up as a “video-game” type format. It tracks neurocognitive information such as memory, reaction time, brain processing speed, and concentration. For example, in one part of the exam, a dozen common words appear one at a time on the screen for about one second each. The athlete is then later asked what words were displayed. It is a simple exam and most who take it enjoy the challenge of the test.

Alaska Neuro Associates and ImPACT

Our clinic, Alaska Neuro Associates, provides mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Heather Macomber is one of only 5 Credentialed ImPACT Consultants for the State of Alaska. We provide rapid scheduling of evaluations, high-quality patient centered reports, and a rapid completion time for patient reports.

Thank you for choosing Alaska Neuro Associates for your concussion management.

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