For Providers

Alaska Neuro Associates is a referral based practice. Patients can be referred by medical providers, therapists, counselors and case managers who have a need for the diagnosis and recommendations our reports contain to better care for the patient. If the report is needed for a legal purpose, the referral source should be the agency, attorney or party that needs the report.

Why Choose Alaska Neuro Associates for your patients?

  • Dr. Heather Macomber is faculty member of the Alaska Brain Injury Networkand is experienced with the full range of the TBI spectrum.
  • Alaska Neuro Associates developed the ImPACT concussion assessment program for Alaska. Dr. Heather Macomber was the first credentialed ImPACT consultants in Alaska and remains one of only five in the state.
  • Alaska Neuro Associates is the only practice in Alaska to use the state of the art Meyer’s Neuropsychological Battery with multiple measures for effort as well as complex statistical analyses/comparisons.
  • Alaska Neuro Associates is able to offer a consistent assessment of effort, motivation, and validity for all patients.
  • Alaska Neuro Associates accepts nearly all insurance payers (including Medicare/Medicaid).  
  • Alaska Neuro Associates rapidly turns around reports with most being available 3-4 weeks after the initial testing appointment.
  • Alaska Neuro Associates offers detailed, relevant, real-world recommendations to all patients as part of their final report. These recommendations are explained fully to the patient and anyone who accompanies them to the feedback appointment. See additional resource information

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