Referral Process

Alaska Neuro Associates is a referral based practice. Patients can be referred by medical providers, therapists, counselors and case managers who have a need for the diagnosis and recommendations our reports contain to better care for the patient. If the report is needed for a legal purpose, the referral source should be the agency, attorney or party that needs the report.

Please complete the appropriate PDF referral form from the list below, making sure to include your name, credentials and the name of your office or agency and fax it to 907-222-0566 along with recent progress notes; demographic information; insurance information and contact information for the person with whom we should schedule your patient. If there is more that you would like to tell us about the patient you are referring, please attach it to the referral.

We will contact whomever you list as the scheduling contact once we have received all of the above information. We will see your patient as soon as possible. A final report will be available following the feedback appointment approximately 3-4 weeks after the testing has been completed and all requested records and rater forms have been received.

Thank you for choosing Alaska Neuro Associates. We appreciate your referral. If you have any further questions, please call 277-0100 and we will be happy to assist you.

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