Dear colleagues and clients,

Alaska Neuro Associates, LLC, the office of Heather Macomber, PhD, has closed permanently as of December 31, 2018.

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to provide neuropsychological evaluations for so many Alaskans during my career here, as well as to have worked with so many wonderful parents and such talented, dedicated mental health professionals throughout our beautiful state.

I am no longer available to complete any clinical requests, such as QDC forms or other documents/letters on behalf of former patients. Please ask current medical or mental health providers to complete these requests, using the diagnoses listed in prior reports from myself or Dr. Cherry.

At this time, all records requests should be emailed to

No Release of Information (ROI) is necessary to request your own report, or if you are the parent of a minor child or guardian of an individual. However, identifying information will need to be verified.

All other records requests must be include a completed ROI signed by the appropriate person. Requests without appropriate signatures cannot be fulfilled.

Reports completed by myself or Russell Cherry, PsyD from 2010 to 2018 while at Alaska Neuro Associates, LLC are available by request, as described above. Any evaluation completed by me from 2005-2010 must be requested directly from the Medical Records department at Providence Alaska Medical Center.


Heather Macomber, PhD 
Alaska Neuro Associates, LLC